It is imperative for corporates to understand that Enterprise and Supplier Development can be much more than just a social investment or a “citizens tax” for doing business in South Africa.

To sustain development initiatives and social impact it is imperative that value creation is aligned to a corporate’s procurement and investment strategy. Investments, through Enterprise and Supply Development, can improve competitiveness in a company’s value chain improve competitiveness, cost efficiency and quality of service delivery – which all ultimately improve profitability.

Enterprise and Supplier Development should be an active investment in an individual or group’s ability to exploit new opportunities rather than creating further dependency for financial support. Empowerment Capital treats recipients of Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions as “Investees” rather than as “Beneficiaries”.

We require that our investees produce measurable commercial and social returns which support the cause for additional growth and opportunity creation in a corporate value chain.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • We create meaningful and lasting Enterprise and SupplierDevelopment relationships between the corporate sector and small and medium sized enterprises which offer exceptional returns on investment for all parties involved;
  • We support sustainable growth in the form of a perpetual investment solution that delivers bespoke transformation initiatives which aim to empower ordinary South Africans; and
  • We are committed to meaningful transformation through realopportunity creation for all South Africans.