The Solution adds a potential 15 points to the clients BEE scorecard and addresses the pending penalties as per the proposed new BEE Codes of Good Practice.

The Solution is innovative and dynamically challenges the status quo. The Solution is robust and has been built in conjunction with leading BEE Verification Agencies.

We measure the meaningfulness of our Solution in the number of new jobs being created and equity in the hands of black South Africans.

The Solution is designed to cater for future changes and developments in the BEE Codes of Good Practice. Compliance is our utmost priority.

Empowerment Capital offers a cost effective solution which creates value through traditional investment management..

An opportunity is best left in the hands of the entrepreneur.

Empowerment Capital Investment Partners (Pty) Ltd is a majority black owned asset manager in the Enterprise and Supplier Development segment and our purpose is to transform lives through investments.

Our clients benefit from a combined 60 years collective experience in empowerment strategy and development, supply chain management, investment banking, private equity and BEE advisory services. We combine strong corporate finance and investment expertise with an in depth knowledge of the empowerment regulatory environment and its real impact on business.

We also strongly support the notion that “an opportunity is best left in the hands of the entrepreneur” while transforming, nurturing and enhancing existing and potential suppliers.

Our solutions offer a corporate client the following benefits:

  • Financial return on qualifying Enterprise and Supplier Development investments;
  • Sustainable social returns with meaningful impact through investment which fully adapts to a corporate’s existing Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives;
  • Significant impact through multi-faceted approach through transformation of a corporate’s supply chain;
  • Significant flexibility in design; and
  • Highly effective decision making capability combined with conservative execution in delivery.